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3 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Prior to Committing

Plastic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular holiday gift, and we’re likely to continue seeing its growth following the sudden boom in cosmetic procedures during the pandemic. With more people seeing their faces on camera every day, there is a growing interest in cosmetic procedures. That interest coupled with more time spent at home, providing the perfect opportunity for recovery after a procedure, contributes to the growth of plastic surgery during this time. 

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This growth means that many are first time patients and naturally have many questions for their physicians about the procedure. If you’re one of these first-time patients, here are three informative questions you can ask: (1) Are you board certified? (2) How many times have you performed this procedure? and (3) Do you have before and after photos of this procedure? 

Are You Board Certified? 

Arguably the most important question to ask your physician is if they’re board certified. Most plastic surgeons advertise this on their website, but if you want to do additional research, there are several online resources that you can use to find board-certified surgeons near you. The board certification is important because board-certified surgeons go through extensive training and have extensive knowledge of the workings of plastic surgery.

How Many Times Have You Performed This Procedure? 

As with any surgical procedure, the more experience a doctor has, the better. Along with board certification, it’s another layer that gives you extra assurance that your doctor is more than capable of successfully achieving your goals. In the instance that you want a newer cosmetic procedure with specific techniques such as a fractional CO2 laser resurfacing treatment, it helps to ask your doctor about the success they’ve seen with these procedures before moving forward.

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Do You Have Before and After Photos of This Procedure? 

Many people use the app Yelp to read reviews and find photos of new restaurants before they try it. Similarly, you can ask your doctor for before and after photos of your desired procedure to see what past results look like before you go under the knife. Photos are the best way to show potential patients the results they hope to achieve, so be wary if photos aren’t readily available. In addition, before and after photos are a great way to see what styles and techniques the doctors are using. If you’re happy with the results you see in the pictures, then it’s a sign that you can move forward with this doctor. 

Getting a plastic surgery procedure is a big decision, so it’s only natural to have questions and want additional assurance. Take time to do research and ask your doctor all the questions you have. A reputable surgeon such as Dr. Lanfranchi will take the time to understand your needs and make sure you feel confident in your decision moving forward. 

“Dr. Lanfranchi isn’t like any doctor I’ve met…he only works on faces…he’s truly down to earth and has a great bedside manner too! I didn’t feel like I was going in for surgery…it was more like a “treatment”.*

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Dr. Lanfranchi is Board Certified with specialty certification in Facial Plastic Surgery by the American Osteopathic board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. These careful certifications consist of proper medical education, training and examinations ensuring that a specific standard in the plastic surgery industry has been met. Dr. Lanfranchi not only meets the standard, but exceeds it with a five star rating from RealSelf, as well as by being named a Top Doc for 2016, 2017 and 2018 by My Vegas Magazine. In addition, Dr. Lanfranchi was named the Best Cosmetic Surgeon by the Silver State Awards in 2019. Dr. Lanfranchi is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently, allowing him to communicate and work successfully with his Spanish speaking patients. 

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