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Local Plastic Surgeon to Donate Facelifts

TLC is proud to announce our first ever Media Event, which will take place the second week of March at The Lanfranchi Center! Our special occasion coincides with International Women’s Day, whose theme this year is creating awareness for gender parity.

Local Plastic Surgeon to Donate Facelifts

Women continue to contribute to social, economic, religious, cultural and political achievement worldwide and we have much to recognize and celebrate today. However, gender parity has slowed, or even stopped, in many parts of the world. In some countries, such as our own, there still remains a gender gap although we claim to be the “most advanced” in the world in many aspects. The World Economic Forum has recently predicted that it will take over a full century to achieve global gender parity. Every individual, regardless of sex or race, can pledge to take a concrete step to help reach gender parity faster than predicted. This can be anything from assisting women and girls achieve their ambitions, calling for gender-balanced leadership, developing more inclusive and flexible cultures, or eliminating workplace bias. Everyone of us can be influential within our own groups of friends, acquaintances, and co-workers, by committing to being mindful on a daily basis of this inequality.

With this at top of mind and as an inspirational force, Team TLC and I have decided to commit and assist this cause right here in our home city of Las Vegas/Henderson. During our grand event we plan on announcing some very special partnerships with local organizations that assist women in need. Specifically, we will be partnering with these organizations to identify and provide select women with our services free of charge! Our goal is to donate one free rejuvenating procedure per month (everything from a facelift or necklift to upper eyelid rejuvenation) to a deserving woman in our community who could use a little TLC to get back into life.

Our mission here at The Lanfranchi Center is to provide accessible facial rejuvenating procedures in the most efficient and safest manner possible. This includes doing everything we can to make our services attainable to just about anyone who wishes to look more on the outside as they feel on the inside.

Please help us acknowledge this wonderful day to come, and spread the word of what TLC is contributing to our community.

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Be sure to visit the International Women’s Day website to learn more:



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