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All of our procedures are safely performed under local anesthesia in the comfort and convenience of our Center.  Dr. Lanfranchi has served over 10,000 patients since 2006 using his specialized technique.

The Lanfranchi Center – Does a Facelift Leave Scars?

When facelifts are intended to improve a patient’s appearance, it stands to reason the idea of scarring might give people pause, particularly when the procedure is performed on the face. Luckily, Dr. Paul Lanfranchi specializes in only face and neck cosmetic treatments, and has a long, illustrious career spent perfecting his craft, including scarring outcomes.

The TLC Lift™ and the TLC Premier Lift™

For many patients considering the TLC Lift™ or the TLC Premier Lift™, one of their greatest concerns is scarring, and rightfully so. A cosmetic enhancement procedure on the face involves highly visible delicate tissues that more easily show damage than virtually any other area on the body. Makeup and a fantastic haircut can only cover so many flaws. This is one reason why Dr. Lanfranchi and Team TLC are masters of their specialty. They’ve perfected techniques to minimize scarring since 2006.

Experience Makes the Difference

No matter the size of the incisions made, scarring is possible after every cosmetic procedure. Each patient’s skin and healing capabilities are unique, so some people may show very little sign any enhancements were ever performed. Dr. Lanfranchi uses the latest techniques and technologies available to minimize scarring, and places incisions in the natural folds of the skin, beneath the chin, in the hairline, and around the ears. This results in carefully camouflaged incisions made in such a way as to hide imperfections from all but those who know where to look. This technique works well, even on men with short hair who do not prefer to use make up.

Full Facelift & Necklift Consultations Available

Pre and Post-Operative Care

Comprehensive care instructions are provided to prepare you for your facelift. During your consultation, we answer all your questions, including those concerning scarring. You’ll receive a detailed explanation of your customized procedure, including the location of each and every planned incision, and the potential for removal of excess skin before your rejuvenation day. You’ll also have the opportunity to view the TLC face and neck lift gallery depicting Dr. Lanfranchi’s remarkable work full of previous patients who have fared well with healing.

Following the pre- and post-operative care instructions is vital to maximizing positive outcomes and minimizing complications, which include poor incision healing. Elevating your head for several days as you rest and recover keeps blood flowing so your skin can best recover.

Massaging topical ointments such as Vitamin E Oil into your incisions once they’ve healed enough will soften the tissue, reduce redness, and minimize scarring so they’re barely noticeable. Don’t panic if your incisions are raised and red for weeks; healing takes time. Dedicated use of sunscreen and minimizing sun exposure will also contribute to better healing.

Because Dr. Lanfranchi performs every procedure at The Lanfranchi Center under local anesthesia with oral sedatives—a far safer alternative to general anesthesia—patient recovery times are typically only 5-10 days, so you’re on your feet faster. If you’re still concerned about scarring, schedule a consultation to discuss all the ways in which to minimize them, so you can look forward to the new, confident you.

Truly, the best plastic surgeon who specializes exclusively in Face| Neck at The Lanfranchi Center. My mother had a face lift, neck lift, eye lids and brow lift- she has never looked better or felt more beautiful. Several friends have also had procedures and I have had a little TLC love myself.

Take the Next Step — Request a Consultation

Ready to learn more about the TLC Lift™ or the TLC Premier Lift™? The first step is an in-person consultation with Dr. Lanfranchi. Please fill out the form on this page to request a consultation or call our office directly at (702) 929-3880 during normal business hours (please leave a message if we are unable to answer). The Lanfranchi Center serves the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV areas.

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