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A Modern Trend: Celebrity Look-Alike Surgeries

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery highlighted a trend in their 2014 annual report that more patients are having plastic surgery in an attempt to emulate the looks of certain celebrities. With social media having a larger presence and influence more than ever before and technological advancements continually on the rise, ideas are at the tips of society’s fingertips with a simple search of a celebrity profile. The results are also more attainable to someone trying to achieve a celebrity doppelganger. In today’s media-driven world along with the power of the selfie, people believe that looking like a certain celebrity will also bring them the same power.

Celebrity Look-Alike Surgeries Las Vegas

Not Photoshopped

With easy access and the first-hand look we get at celebrity’s lavish lives through their social media feeds, story posts, and live videos, it is easy to believe that we have a more realistic view and observation of our favorite celebrity’s lives, looks, and fashions. The relevance of this observation is that one might believe they do not have the same opportunities to filter blemishes and flaws as we have a better representation of what the celebrity truly looks like. Rather than letting this serve as a reminder that we all have flaws and issues, even those living in the limelight, it has sparked society to look at their flaws more and compare and contrast. Everyone is striving to achieve the perfect Instagram-ready look.

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Desirable Features

Another aspect of celebrity-driven habits that is also fueling the conversation for reconstructive requests may not be a complete transformation, but the request to have a certain feature made to look like their favorite celebrity. It might be that someone wants to have the same nose as Brad Pitt or Taylor Swift’s facial structure. Reputable plastic surgeons will always attempt to manage patient’s expectations and point out the safe limitations of their initial reconstructive requirements as well as point out that many still images of celebrities are routinely adjusted and edited to fix a bump in the nose or an odd wrinkle.

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