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Plastic Surgery; Is It Still Taboo For Men and How It Has Changed Over The Years

As the social perception of cosmetic procedures transformed into “maintenance work”, similar to that of working out or following a healthy diet, the taboo perception it once held continues to fade. Men feel more comfortable nowadays to express their own insecurities, and various procedures have allowed them to stay competitive in their careers and society in general by achieving youthful, clean, and fresh appearances.

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One of the major factors that has made cosmetic enhancements  a resource is that now men are willing to embrace new technology. For the past decade, plastic surgery seemed monetarily unattainable or even unsafe to the average middle-class man. With costs and social stigma decreasing, it is safe to say the taboo perception surrounding cosmetic procedures among men is quickly diminishing. Like women, men have identified procedures that best enhance their youth, though they still face a social stigma related to plastic surgery, a stigma much greater than that of women who undergo rejuvenation.

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What’s Trending in Plastic Surgery Among Men

According to the American Society for Plastic Surgery (ASPS), the upper “Blepharoplasty”, also known as the upper eye-lid lift, is the most common procedure requested by men. Maybe its popularity is due to the relatively minimal scarring and short recovery time. The eye-lid lift reduces fine lines and removes hooded skin, which automatically serves for a younger, more energized look. Patients have noted that they’ve become less tired after the procedure due to the removal of the skin that was once heavily tented on their upper eyelids. While this is the most requested procedure, the neck lift or also known as “lower face lift” is right behind it on the popularity charts among males. It gets rid of the dreaded “turkey neck” that weakens the jawline and makes one seem heavier than we really are. By eliminating the double-chin, the neck appears to be thinner, therefore appearing longer and achieving a younger look overall.

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With Dr. Lanfranchi and his team, better known as Team TLC, every stitch counts and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a cosmetic solution. This is why he developed the TLC Premier Lift-Facelift, which combines 3 to 6 custom anti-aging treatments that address all areas of the face. Dr. Lanfranchi does the Premier Face Lift in one single day under local anesthesia on the premises of The Lanfranchi Center.

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