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Top 3 Benefits of a Revision Facelift

For many reasons, people may want the results of their facelift changed or corrected. Whether the original facelift went wrong or just didn’t look like the patient thought it would, a revision facelift can fix problems from previous surgeries and give patients a refreshed look. 

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How Does a Revision Facelift Work?

Revision facelifts try to use the previous surgery’s scars if possible to avoid making new ones. This procedure is challenging since the surgeon does not know how much scar tissue or other problems they may encounter. Always plan your revision facelift with a board-certified and experienced surgeon like Dr. Lanfranchi

A revision facelift may involve different procedures depending on the person’s concerns. People return for a revision facelift for many reasons, including distortion of the hairline from poorly placed incisions as well as excess scar tissue from previous procedures.  Correcting distoreted earlobes is also common. The surgeon needs all information about a person’s surgical and facial procedure history. Your surgeon will also need to know the date of your last surgery since you should wait at least 9-12 months for revision surgery. 

Top 3 Benefits of a Revision Facelift 

A revision facelift offers benefits such as improved confidence and freedom from worry over the original facelift results. Many people feel like this procedure restores the natural, lifted appearance they wanted the first time. 

A More Natural Appearance

Some people seek revision surgery because their facelift has left them with an “unnatural” appearance, whether the skin has been tightened too much or uneven scarring has left visible problems with the hairline. 

Fewer Problems

For some people, a facelift can result in facial discomfort or other problems. Some issues are cosmetic and some functional, but a revision facelift can help correct these problems and let people feel more comfortable and confident. 

The Results You Hoped For

After surgery and long recovery, finding out a facelift didn’t achieve the desired result may be very upsetting for a patient. With a revision facelift, the results will look more like those the person expected to see. 

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How Long is Recovery From a Revision Facelift?

Most people need a week to ten days to recover and resume their usual routine. Follow Dr. Lanfranchi’s instructions regarding care of your incisions and protecting your face while it heals. You should not resume strenuous activities for at least two weeks after surgery or whenever your surgeon clears you. 

What Results Will I See With a Revision Facelift?

Because revision facelifts must work with a face that has already been through a surgery, the surgeon must deal with scar tissue and other complications. The delicate nature of this surgery is why you should only trust a board-certified surgeon who specializes in these procedures. 

Results will improve on the original surgery but may not look exactly like you hoped. As discussed in your consultation, even the best surgeon cannot restore some types of problems once they have occurred. You should see results you feel good about, and that improve on the issues you have been concerned about. 

Stellar Service from Start to Finish

Two months ago I had a lower lifestyle facial lift. I was apprehensive, but it was well worth the effort and expense. Dr. Lanfranchi and his entire staff were kind, caring and very professional, from the first meeting to the follow up appointments.

The procedure is done under a local, not general anesthetic, and it was easy. I healed quickly and am very satisfied with the results.
His fee was very reasonable. Any further facial work I want done, I will be sure to come back here.

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