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All of our procedures are safely performed under local anesthesia in the comfort and convenience of our Center.  Dr. Lanfranchi has served over 10,000 patients since 2006 using his specialized technique.

What is Recovery Like After a Blepharoplasty?

As we age, our skin no longer stretches like it used to, and our muscles weaken. This results in wrinkles and sagging skin, even around the eyes. Suppose you struggle with looking tired even after a whole night’s rest or drooping eyelids hinder your vision. In that case, the Lanfranchi Center suggests lower eyelid lifts or upper eyelid lifts to improve your daily life. 

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid lifts, treats sagging eyelids by removing excess skin, removing excess fat, and repositioning the muscles to a more effective position. Unlike an eyebrow lift, blepharoplasty focuses on the thin skin around the eye. 

At the Lanfranchi Center, TLC lower eyelid lifts decreases the fat pads under the eyes, reduce puffiness, and improve sagging eyelids. The Lanfranchi Center’s TLC Upper Eyelid Lifts remove excess skin, removes excess fat when necessary, and creates more “show” of the upper eyelid, making one appear younger & more refreshed 

Lower Eyelid Lift Las Vegas
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Recovery After Blepharoplasty

Immediately following your appointment, you may experience swelling, bruising, and mild pain. You will need a ride home from the Lanfranchi Center. It is best to prepare your home for rest beforehand, with easily accessible cond compresses and normal food. 

You may return to your daily routine two to three days after, although some choose to wait longer. The general timeline for recovery follows:

  • Rest for the first couple of days to allow for easy recovery. Follow all of Dr. Lanfranchi’s instructions and keep your head elevated even when sleeping. 
  • You may return to work after two or three days as the swelling, pain, and bruising subsides. If your job requires more strenuous activity, you may need to wait up to 10 days.
  • After two weeks, you may return to your usual workout routines, although there may be some swelling as your blood pressure increases.
  • After two months, all swelling should resolve, and you may fully enjoy the results of your TLC Eyelid Lift. 

Between the inconspicuous incision placement and the skin’s healing process, the scars from your TLC Eyelid Lift are unnoticeable after recovery. It may take a month or two for the scars to fade fully. 

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Results of Blepharoplasty

Most patients are extremely pleased with their results after blepharoplasty. You will experience a more youthful complexion with no signs of tired, droopy eyelids. Some results may last a lifetime, but blepharoplasty cannot stop the effects of time. 

Most patients enjoy results for over ten years. If you experience a return of drooping eyelids, you may schedule an appointment with Dr. Lanfranchi for your options if your symptoms return.

Stellar Service from Start to Finish

Two months ago I had a lower lifestyle facial lift. I was apprehensive, but it was well worth the effort and expense. Dr. Lanfranchi and his entire staff were kind, caring and very professional, from the first meeting to the follow up appointments.

The procedure is done under a local, not general anesthetic, and it was easy. I healed quickly and am very satisfied with the results.
His fee was very reasonable. Any further facial work I want done, I will be sure to come back here.

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The Lanfranchi Center serves the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV areas.

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