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If you are considering receiving an upper-eyelid lift, one of the biggest concerns on your mind is probably how natural-looking your results will be. Because the procedure requires the use of incisions, a lot of people are worried that they will be left with noticeable post-surgical marks after they have fully healed.

The key to achieving natural-looking results from upper-eyelid surgery is making precise incisions along the natural folds at the top of the upper eyelids. These natural folds are perfect for concealing any post-surgical marks. Extreme care is also used to make sure that just the right amount of tissue is removed from the upper eyelids to ensure that your results don’t look overdone.

Contact The Lanfranchi Center to schedule a consultation for your upper-eyelid lift. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lanfranchi will use his expert surgical skill and his eye for facial aesthetics to deliver beautiful and natural-looking results.

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