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Can Patients With Medical Issues Have Procedures?

Dr. Lanfranchi is Las Vegas’ most experienced surgeon in performing facial cosmetic procedures under local anesthesia. He has served over 8,000+ patients this past decade using his specialized technique. Our Team’s passion is providing natural & long lasting results with your safety as top priority. That is TLC℠.

Can Patients With Medical Issues Have Procedures?

Yes, in the majority of cases it is safe to perform these procedures on patients who have a mild or moderate medical history. For example, hypertensive (high blood pressure) patients and diabetics (controlled on oral medications) have these procedures routinely with great success. So long as their medical issue(s) is well controlled with medication (and are under a physician’s care for their diagnosis), the rate of potential complications from these procedures is no higher than the general population.

Patients who have extensive medical history (i.e. history of heart attack or stroke) still may be a candidate for procedure depending on when the event occurred, if their condition is currently deemed stable, and the medication regimen they are on. Certainly in these individual cases we would coordinate with the patient’s medical physician/specialist and ask for a written “medical clearance” prior to proceeding.

The reason we can serve this select group of clients comes as a direct result of the process here at TLC. By not using dangerous deeper sedation (via an IV or general anesthesia), your body is not unnecessarily stressed and put at risk for systemic, even sometimes fatal, complications (i.e. cardiac or pulmonary/lung issues). Client safety is never compromised and is our top priority from start to finish.