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What If I’m Traveling From Out of Town?

Dr. Lanfranchi is Las Vegas’ most experienced surgeon in performing facial cosmetic procedures under local anesthesia. He has served over 8,000+ patients this past decade using his specialized technique. Our Team’s passion is providing natural & long lasting results with your safety as top priority. That is TLC℠.

What If I'm Traveling From Out of Town?

Patients from all around the world (ie Australia, South America, Europe) have visited TLC and Dr. Lanfranchi for their rejuvenation. Approximately one out of five of our patients do not live the Las Vegas area, so we are accustomed to making sure your experience and care is equal to that of a local resident. As a general guidline, we prefer our patients to stay in the Las Vegas area for one week from the day of their procedure. Typically this allows us to remove all of the necessary sutures before your departure.

During that recovery week we normally ask these patients to visit us an extra time or two to be sure everything is healing on schedule. We have relationships with local hotels that cater to the needs of our patients. Air travel is ok one week after your procedure(s).