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Can Patients That Smoke Tobacco Have Procedures?

Dr. Lanfranchi is Las Vegas’ most experienced surgeon in performing facial cosmetic procedures under local anesthesia. He has served over 8,000+ patients this past decade using his specialized technique. Our Team’s passion is providing natural & long lasting results with your safety as top priority. That is TLC℠.

Can Patients That Smoke Tobacco Have Procedures?

“Traditionally-trained” plastic surgeons would probably state that patients should not have any facial rejuvenation (in particular, a lower facelift/necklift) if they are currently smoking tobacco. Specifically, the nicotine in cigarettes (or patches, gum, or vape etc.) decreases blood flow to healing tissue hindering normal wound recovery. This theoretically increases the chances of complications after a procedure.

In an ideal world, all patients would cease smoking tobacco two weeks before their procedure(s). The reality is that the majority cannot quit (even temporarily). Through years of experience in treating smokers wishing for rejuvenation, Dr. Lanfranchi has noted that most clients can decrease their smoking/nicotine intake by 50% prior to procedure. He is of the strong belief that this reduction is significant enough to eliminate most of the risks associated with smokers and poor wound healing. We have treated hundreds upon hundreds of smokers over the past decade, and feel that this is a reasonable, and mutually beneficial goal, to achieve a week or two prior to one’s procedure.

Additionally, Dr. Lanfranchi at times can customize his surgical technique to make sure there is no significant tension on the healing tissue edges (high tension increases poor wound healing in smokers). Our experience in successfully giving tobacco users great, and equally safe, outcomes is second-to-none in the Valley.