Case 727

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  • Male


This young man was unhappy with the volume loss in his midface/cheeks and hollowing appearance. He had used artificial filler in the past but did not prefer to have yearly injections to maintain his result (in addition to the yearly cost of product). After evaluation together we decided to perform fat transfer to his midface and cheeks. We performed the rejuvenating procedure in our Center under local anesthesia with mild oral sedation. Fat was harvested from his lower abdomen and the small incision under the belly button was closed with a single stitch. We placed approximately 10 cc's of fat (2 teaspoons equivalent) on each side via small insertion sites (no stitches required). In addition, we placed a small chin implant to help create more structure in his lower face and jawline. His results demonstrate stronger and more defined cheeks and chin (with good balance). His healing time was approximately one week before he could go back to work.