Case 861

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Case Details

  • Female


This young woman presented with the concerns of imbalance of her chin, nose, and lips, along with fullness under her chin. We concluded together that making her chin modestly (and naturally) larger along with removing the fat under her chin would give her the best cosmetic result. Due to financial considerations, we first placed a chin implant (under local anesthesia and mild oral sedation in our office) in early 2018. Almost a year later she returned to us to have the neck liposuction procedure performed. In a similar manner, we performed the procedure in our office using the same incision site that she had previously from the chin augmentation. The photos shown are the final result of both procedures. We can see that her chin is in better balance with the rest of her facial features while maintaining a natural appearance. The fullness that had been under her chin has been removed as well.