Chin Augmentation

The patient had a chin augmentation and liposculpting to her neck. Click here for more details
This young woman presented with the desire to improve her profile. She stated that even as a younger adult (and teenager) she always had some "fullness" underneath her chin with lack of...Click here for more details
This young woman came to our Center seeking improvement of her profile and weak chin. She also did not like the fullness under her chin. Under local anesthesia and mild oral sedation in our...Click here for more details
This energetic woman presented to our Center with the desire for improvement in her sagging neck and jawline. She mentioned that for her entire life she was not pleased with the lack of chin...Click here for more details
This beautifully aging woman presented with the complaint that her chin was not "strong enough". Her only concern with aging was her small-sized chin and lack of defined profile. After a thorough...Click here for more details
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