Chin Augmentation

This young and active woman presented to our Center with the desire to create more balance in her profile. She was happy with the strength of her nose and lips but wished for her chin to be...Click here for more details
This young woman presented with the concerns of imbalance of her chin, nose, and lips, along with fullness under her chin. We concluded together that making her chin modestly (and naturally)...Click here for more details
This young woman presented with the desire to have a more prominent chin. She presented with full cheeks and lips and wished for her chin to be more complementary and balanced. In our Center,...Click here for more details
This lovely patient wished for a more prominent chin along with an improvement of her neck and jawline. We performed for her a lower facelift with a chin augmentation with an Implantech silicone...Click here for more details
This young man presented with the desire to establish a better balance between his midface and chin. He had always had a slight overbite with his dentition along with a mildly undersized chin. In...Click here for more details
This young man was unhappy with the volume loss in his midface/cheeks and hollowing appearance. He had used artificial filler in the past but did not prefer to have yearly injections to maintain...Click here for more details
This wonderful patient presented to our Center with the complaints of not looking lively and healthy. After a thorough evaluation, we mutually decided to perform a lower facelift/neck lift with a...Click here for more details
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