Neck Lift & Lower Facelift

This attractive woman had been aging quite well other than disproportional aging of her neck and jawline. After thorough consultation and evaluation, we decided together to perform a modified...Click here for more details
This young woman presented with the concerns of drooping lower facial tissue and loss of profile. After consultation, we decided to perform a lower facelift along with a chin augmentation. We...Click here for more details
This 67-year-old healthy and active woman presented to our Center seeking rejuvenation of her lower face, jawline, and neck. She wanted to be sure that she kept a "natural" appearance and had...Click here for more details
This woman presented to our Center with the concerns of severe sun damaged skin along with a drooping jawline and neck (with "banding"). Under local anesthesia with mild oral sedation (valium), we...Click here for more details
This patient presented with the concerns of drooping lower facial skin along with neck laxity (looseness). She stated that she did not prefer the projection of her nose, however, did not want to...Click here for more details
This gentleman presented to our Center for rejuvenation of the lower face and neck. We performed a SMAS Facelift/Necklift under local anesthesia (with oral sedation/valium) comfortably in our...Click here for more details
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