Neck Lift & Lower Facelift

This lovely patient presented with the complaint that she looked tired and exhausted all of the time. After full consultation together we decided that she would most benefit from a lower...Click here for more details
This vibrant young woman was losing weight and noticed that her neck and jawline started sagging. We performed a minilift under local anesthesia in our office while she received a small amount of...Click here for more details
We decided that performing her lower facelift procedure in the office under local anesthesia and mild oral sedation with valium was a better, and safer, alternative. The procedure took under two...Click here for more details
This energetic woman presented to our Center with the desire for improvement in her sagging neck and jawline. She mentioned that for her entire life she was not pleased with the lack of chin...Click here for more details
This young woman of Hispanic origin came to us for rejuvenation of her lower face and neck. She was unhappy with her double chin and sagging jawline. We performed a lower facelift and neck lift...Click here for more details
The patient did not want to be "put to sleep" for the procedures due to her concerns over general anesthesia and associated risks. She was administered a low dose of oral valium 45 minutes before...Click here for more details
This patient presented with the complaint of insufficient overall result from her first facelift (performed by another surgeon) approximately one year prior. She had hoped for more improvement in...Click here for more details
Most of her sutures were removed after one week, and she was able to return to her socialization events and physical activity in 2...Click here for more details
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