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All of our procedures are safely performed under local anesthesia in the comfort and convenience of our Center.  Dr. Lanfranchi has served over 10,000 patients since 2006 using his specialized technique.

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Read What Patients are Saying about The Lanfranchi Center

“One of the things I really liked about this experience was how easy it was to recover. I have had a few other procedures done in the past (Tummy tuck, breast augmentations, and filllers), and this recovery was so easy by comparison.”*

Alisa V, Patient

“Dr. Lanfranchi isn’t like any doctor I’ve met…he only works on faces…he’s truly down to earth and has a great bedside manner too! I didn’t feel like I was going in for surgery…it was more like a “treatment”.*

Jill H, Patient

“The day of my procedure came and I was a little scared, but everything that they said was true! This was easier than a trip to the dentist! My pain was minimal, and Dr. Lanfranchi was caring and talked to me through every step.”*

Valerie H, Patient

“I’m 53 years old and people truly think I’m in my 30’s! Who doesn’t want that?!”*

Kathy N, Patient

“Dr. Lanfranchi changed my entire life. My procedure seemed to have taken 20 years off my face. This made me want to keep myself fit and healthy.”*

Howard J, Patient

“…most importantly, when I tell people about my granddaughter, they stop and say “NO WAY! You are not a grandma!” I love my look and appreciate everything Dr. Lanfranchi and his team did for me. Best experience EVER!”*

Kym L, Patient

“Not only has my procedure improved my appearance, but it has also given me new hope to get out there and stay engaged in public and personal pursuits. Thank you Dr. Lanfranchi!”*

Dennis K, Patient

“Not only did Dr. Lanfranchi make me younger, he gave me the confidence when I look into the mirror to feel happy inside again.”*

Andrea M, Patient

“It was a great experience, and helped bring back a glow to my inner self after losing my hubby.”*

Betty C, Patient

“My experience with Dr. Lanfranchi was a real pleasant and professional experience. He is very caring about his patients and his work as a Facial Plastic Surgeon. This is his specialty and is one of the best. Would I do it again? Yes, I would. I still receive remarks about how I don’t look my age.”*

Joel R, Patient

“I love my Lanfranchi Lift! My friends tell me that I look 20 years younger. My new appearance has had such a positive effect on my attitude and general health. I cannot thank Dr. Lanfranchi and his wonderful supporting staff enough. They are the very best!”*

Judy L, Patient

“My experience was great. The surgery took at least 10 years off my face and neck. Within 3 weeks you could not tell I had any surgery…just a new younger me!”*

Cheryl L, Patient

“Both my husband and I are happy with the results. It took years off of my looks, and gave me a new confidence. Getting old is hard enough, and this gave me the boost I needed.”*

Lydia P, Patient

“Dr. Lanfranchi is the best plastic surgeon in the West! He is focused on obtaining the best results possible…amazing transformations with minimal discomfort and bruising. He is a very talented artist who understands beauty and is skilled at obtaining those goals using the most medically sound and safe techniques.”*

Nancy W, Patient

“I was so thrilled at the results of the procedure and actually felt that, at age 65, I looked better than I had at 50.”*

Sandy B, Patient

“Heredity does not have to decide your destiny. So long to Grandma’s turkey neck! Thank you Dr. Lanfranchi and team TLC!”*

Michelle A, Patient

“The results were amazing and I am still receiving compliments years later. Dr. L and his staff are very professional, warm and caring from the first consultation to the last post-op appointment. Thank you Dr. Lanfranchi!”*

Sondra T, Patient

“I debated for 7 years in getting this procedure done. Meeting and talking extensively with Dr. Lanfranchi ended my hesitation in this decision. He was so kind, professional, and confident in his skills, that honestly, I was ready that day.”*

Susan M, Patient

“People cannot believe their eyes when they see me! I wish I would have done it sooner. Easily I can get by with saying I’m 55 or 60 years old…can’t ask for more than that.”*

Wanda B, Patient (Age 75)

“I was very impressed with Dr. Lanfranchi and his staff from my first visit. They are very professional, treat their patients with compassion, take pride in their work, and care about their patients. Highly recommended!”*

Donna R, Patient

“Dr. Lanfranchi is world-class in his field. They treated me with the highest respect, kindness, and specialized care I have ever received or experienced. He has a rare gift for making each of his patients feel very important like they are his own family or friends. He has the exquisite talent as a surgeon for making his clients feel rejuvenated, youthful and beautiful again. I highly suggest to anyone considering a rejuvenation procedure that they are making the absolute best decision of their life when they choose Dr. Lanfranchi. He is truly the best you can get!”*

Susanne J, Patient

*Individual Results May Vary

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*Individual Results May Vary

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