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All of our procedures are safely performed under local anesthesia in the comfort and convenience of our Center.  Dr. Lanfranchi has served over 10,000 patients since 2006 using his specialized technique.

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Facial Rejuvenation FAQS

We have always been known for keeping our patient’s entire experience “safe and simple”.  All procedures are performed in our Center utilizing local anesthesia and mild oral sedation (i.e. valium or xanax).  We never use heavy, and potentially dangerous, sedation that would require the need for an Anesthesiologist, IV, respirator, or cardiac monitoring.  This fact also allows for faster recovery and a significant decrease in overall potential complications.

Being a “boutique-style” practice, we maintain a small staff of 4 team members and have always operated an efficient and clean practice.  Especially in times when physical contact should be minimized and respected, our method allows our patients to enter and leave our Center with virtually no exposure to other clients.  For instance, our Center has both a front and back entrance that allows us to maintain safes distances and privacy for our patients and their guests.

Our model is thus uniquely different than the “typical” plastic surgical practice.  The TLC system is appreciated even more so during this pandemic and is being recognized as the ideal model for the future of outpatient procedures.

Dr. Lanfranchi and Team TLC have been exclusively performing facial rejuvenation procedures for a decade here in Las Vegas. Unlike most “general” plastic surgeons, we specialize and only focus on one particular area (face and neck). We do not perform breast lifts/augmentations, tummy tucks, body liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts etc. Having focused and refined this facial sub-specialization for many years, we have mastered the experience, delivery, and outcomes for our patients. The Lanfranchi Center passion and expertise in facial rejuvenation is second to none in the Valley. We genuinely believe we can deliver the highest possible quality of care, partnership, and results to our patients in the safest manner possible.

We understand and realize that committing to the initial consultation is often the most difficult step in your facial rejuvenation journey. We promise to partner with you every step of the way in order to gain a deeper knowledge of you, your desires, and to customize your evaluation and treatment plan. Together we will explore your personal options in a friendly, efficient manner in order to share knowledge and discover which various treatments would most benefit you.

Collectively, Team TLC has over 25+ years of facial rejuvenation experience. We are confident that after our consultation together you will have all the knowledge necessary to partner with us in your facial rejuvenation journey. We firmly believe in honesty and integrity, and therefore we would never recommend or suggest procedures that would not benefit you or your desires. Most patients would agree that their consultation day was informative, educational, and exciting!!! There are endless benefits to partnering with a Center that exclusively specializes in one area of the body.

Because of our philosophy, care, and passion, you can expect to spend about an hour at the Center on the day of your initial consultation. To help streamline your experience, you may want to print, complete, and bring to your consultation these 2 basic forms from our Resources section/Patient Forms section of the TLC website: Patient Medical History and Patient Profile.

Team TLC has refined the entire process of facial rejuvenation so that anyone can enjoy the benefits and expertise The Lanfranchi Center has to offer. All aspects of each patient’s journey are considered based on that client’s individual needs, personality, and age.

“Facial Rejuvenation you can Trust, with the Touch of TLC You Deserve!” – This is TLC’s mantra, and we live by it each and every day. Those who have already partnered with us would undoubtedly agree!

In retrospect, the vast majority of patients share that their rejuvenation day was easier than going to the dentist for a dental procedure. Prior to your procedure, you will be given an oral sedative (ie valium or similar) to relax you and take away any anxiety. Providing effective local anesthesia is both a learned skill and an art. For his entire career, Dr. Lanfranchi has exclusively used this safe method to perform his procedures and has many different techniques to make this portion of the procedure as comfortable as possible.

The most significant advantage to this approach is its safety. By not using dangerous deeper sedation (via an IV or general anesthesia), your body is not unnecessarily stressed and put at risk for systemic, even sometimes fatal, complications (ie cardiac or pulmonary/lung issues). This allows us to treat patients of any age and even most of those with a moderate medical history (ie smokers, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes). For select patients, we may contact their family physician (or appropriate physician based on the medical history) to be certain they are in good health before proceeding. Your safety is never compromised and is our number one concern from start to finish.

Approximately 50-60% of our patients sleep through the vast majority of their procedure. There are some patients that claim that they did not remember anything about their actual procedure! The remaining patients enjoy listening to music of their choice while we are working, with most of these patients admitting to dozing off periodically. TLC always has your comfort (both physically and psychologically) in mind. Everything we do on your procedure day is customized to your individual needs and personality.

Nearly 100% of our patients claim afterward how easy the experience and procedure was. Waiting to have the procedure(s) typically seems to be the most difficult part of their journey.


Unequivocally YES! Dr. Lanfranchi has been board-certified in Facial Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology(ENT), and Head & Neck Surgery since 2008. He has also attained Fellowship status (FAOCO) by his certifying Board in 2014. At a minimum, having a board-certified surgeon perform your facial rejuvenation procedure(s) should be a requirement and not a luxury.

Just as important is knowing the experience of your surgeon for the particular procedures you are interested in. Most “general” plastic surgeons perform 5-10 facial procedures per month. Over the past decade, Dr. Lanfranchi has performed approximately 10 FACIAL PROCEDURES PER WEEK exclusively on the face and neck. For example, his experience has allowed him to perform over 5,000 facelifts/neck lifts by age 40. His laser focus on the face and neck has allowed him to attain the highest level of skill, allowing Dr. Lanfranchi to give the most optimal results to his all of his patients.

After the healing period, the majority of patients say that they look like a younger and refreshed version of themselves. In ten years of practice, we have never had a patient state that they did not look like themselves or looked “plastic” after having any of our procedures. Patients typically receive compliments such as, “you look well rested!”, “did you lose some weight?”, or “did you just return from a relaxing vacation?”.

Dr. Lanfranchi prides himself on attaining the most natural results possible for each and every patient. It is his goal to give you the most significant facial rejuvenation while still maintaining your identity as an individual. We cannot stress how important this is to us and our philosophy as a Center.

Yes, in the majority of cases it is safe to perform these procedures on patients who have a mild or moderate medical history. For example, hypertensive (high blood pressure) patients and diabetics (controlled on oral medications) have these procedures routinely with great success. So long as their medical issue(s) is well controlled with medication (and are under a physician’s care for their diagnosis), the rate of potential complications from these procedures is no higher than the general population.

Patients who have an extensive medical history (i.e. history of heart attack or stroke) still may be a candidate for a procedure depending on when the event occurred, if their condition is currently deemed stable, and the medication regimen they are on. Certainly, in these individual cases, we would coordinate with the patient’s medical physician/specialist and ask for a written “medical clearance” prior to proceeding.

The reason we can serve this select group of clients comes as a direct result of the process here at TLC. By not using dangerous deeper sedation (via an IV or general anesthesia), your body is not unnecessarily stressed and put at risk for systemic, even sometimes fatal, complications (i.e. cardiac or pulmonary/lung issues). Client safety is never compromised and is our top priority from start to finish.

Recovery time certainly varies based on the patient and the procedure(s) performed. Minor procedures, such as an upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid lift) can have a downtime of only 2-3 days. Other procedures can have downtime of 5-10 days. Most surprisingly, having multiple procedures on the same day does not necessarily increase your overall downtime. Good preparation for your procedure certainly can help shorten your recovery time. Taking care of yourself after your procedure is equally important so that you do not have any unnecessary setbacks. We hold your hand for the entire journey and make sure you are doing everything possible to heal up as fast as possible.

Patients who work at a desk job can typically return to work faster than those who are in the public eye or perform heavy manual labor. Patients who work at a desk can sometimes be back at work as early as 3 days after their procedure(s)!

We are happy to provide you with a confidential doctor’s note to let your employer know that you are being cared for and under treatment by a physician. Please let us know if you will need this documentation, and we will be glad to provide it to you upon request.

Depending on the procedure(s) you choose, you may or may not have bruising and swelling. Everybody responds differently to being rejuvenated, so we focus on minimizing your own body’s reaction to the procedure. Specifically, we stress such factors as assuring that your blood pressure is under control, that your blood is not excessively thinned by medications/supplements, and that you fully understand, and follow, your post-procedure instructions. Most times we will recommend taking supplemental Arnica Montana a few days prior, and after, your procedure to help with bruising.

Yes. Depending on the procedure(s) you choose, and your healing progress at the time, we can provide you with a confidential note to provide to your employer.

“Traditionally-trained” plastic surgeons would probably state that patients should not have any facial rejuvenation (in particular, a lower facelift/necklift) if they are currently smoking tobacco. Specifically, the nicotine in cigarettes (or patches, gum, or vape etc.) decreases blood flow to healing tissue hindering normal wound recovery. This theoretically increases the chances of complications after a procedure.

In an ideal world, all patients would cease smoking tobacco two weeks before their procedure(s). The reality is that the majority cannot quit (even temporarily). Through years of experience in treating smokers wishing for rejuvenation, Dr. Lanfranchi has noted that most clients can decrease their smoking/nicotine intake by 50% prior to a procedure. He is of the strong belief that this reduction is significant enough to get rid of most of the risks associated with smokers and poor wound healing. We have treated hundreds upon hundreds of smokers over the past decade, and feel that this is a reasonable, and mutually beneficial goal, to achieve a week or two prior to one’s procedure.

Additionally, Dr. Lanfranchi at times can customize his surgical technique to make sure there is no significant tension on the healing tissue edges (high tension increases poor wound healing in smokers). Our experience in successfully giving tobacco users great, and equally safe, outcomes is second-to-none in the Valley.

The vast majority of our clients are instructed to take a “relaxing pill” prior to arriving at TLC on the day of their procedure. Since patient safety is of utmost importance, we do ask that you have a driver for transportation (to and from the Center) on the day of your procedure. Typically most patients are taking a mild prescription pain pill the day after their procedure, so it is best to anticipate needing a driver for your first post-procedure check-up that following day.

Since you will not be undergoing general/IV anesthesia, you will be able to care for yourself after your procedure. It is always “nice” to have a family member or friend stay with you the day and night of your treatment, but it is certainly not required. As an example, we have had plenty of patients over the age of 70 take care of themselves alone after their procedure. Universally they all do very well.

Many factors such as genetics, sun exposure, smoking, diet, and weight loss/gain can influence how long a particular procedure lasts. Cosmetic procedures can only “turn back the hands of time”, for they cannot prevent the aging process from occurring and continuing. For some procedures, we offer continuing maintenance treatments (ie medical-grade skin care program and/or mild skin resurfacing/micro-needling) to complement your procedure and help make your results last even longer.

Probably the most important factor in determining how long a surgical result will last is the quality of work and attention to detail. Dr. Lanfranchi is well known in the Las Vegas community for his craftsmanship, suturing technique, and lack of scarring post-procedure.

Patients from all around the world (ie Australia, South America, Europe) have visited TLC and Dr. Lanfranchi for their rejuvenation. Approximately one out of five of our patients do not live the Las Vegas area, so we are accustomed to making sure your experience and care is equal to that of a local resident. As a general guidline, we prefer our patients to stay in the Las Vegas area for one week from the day of their procedure. Typically this allows us to remove all of the necessary sutures before your departure.

During that recovery week we normally ask these patients to visit us an extra time or two to be sure everything is healing on schedule. We have relationships with local hotels that cater to the needs of our patients. Air travel is ok one week after your procedure(s).

Absolutely! Nearly 20-25% of our patients over the past decade have been men. It has become very common (and acceptable) for men of all walks of life, and age, to seek facial rejuvenation such as a lower facelift/neck lift or blepharoplasty (eye lift).

In today’s world, there are numerous reasons why patients seek a more youthful appearance. Most individuals currently seeking facial rejuvenation feel young and vibrant inside, yet unfortunately do not appear the same on the outside. For others, a refreshed look is beneficial for their occupation as much as it is for themselves. As an example, over the years we have served many patients in the casino industry here in Las Vegas who sought these procedures simply to stay competitive in the workplace. Their goal is to have natural appearing results that erase years (even decades!) of aging while keeping their downtime to a minimum, thus allowing them to return to work quickly.

Although cost should be a consideration, patients should prioritize their desires and not make compromises in the interest of saving money. You cannot put a price on your boosted self-esteem and own personal satisfaction that masterfully performed cosmetic procedures can provide. On the other hand, it is quite simple to put a definitive price tag on a revision/”redo” surgical procedure, and in most cases, this costs far more than a well performed first surgery (our revision (a.k.a. “redo”) rate at The Lanfranchi Center has always been under 1% for all procedures).

Having a cosmetic procedure is a uniquely personal decision. Instead of hunting for a bargain, your procedure(s) should be viewed as an investment in yourself. Just as important, you do not necessarily have to pay an extraordinary amount in order to achieve results that provide long-term gratification. Educating yourself about the characteristics of a skilled surgeon, his Team, the benefits possible with variations of different procedures, and the associated expenses will allow you to determine how to maximize the most of your self-investment. After doing ample research, you will find that The Lanfranchi Center offers amazing value, pricing, and service.

Unlike some practices that hire savvy marketing firms to “alter/adjust” their photos, Dr. Lanfranchi personally creates, designs, and approves every set of before and after photos displayed on the TLC website.  All gallery photo examples are actual patients of Dr. Lanfranchi’s who had the stated procedure(s). 

There are only two minor adjustments made on any given set of before and after photos by Dr. Lanfranchi.  The first one is to crop (zoom-in on) both photos so that the facial proportions are equal (i.e. each set of ears or eyes are the same size for both photos).  The second is an adjustment of the light exposure so that both photos are equally bright (i.e. one not significantly darker/lighter than the other).  This is often required since we take photos at different times of day where the light in the rooms is different, producing some lighter or darker photos.  No photo is ever “photoshopped” or altered in any other way.

These considerations, care, and honesty allow for true and accurate sharing of our amazing results.

Yes!  TLC offers third-party financing through Prosper® Healthcare Lending, Care Credit™, and Alphaeon Credit, along with accepting all major credit/debit cards.

*Individual Results May Vary

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