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All of our procedures are safely performed under local anesthesia in the comfort and convenience of our Center.  Dr. Lanfranchi has served over 10,000 patients since 2006 using his specialized technique.

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How Much Does an Eyelid Lift Cost?

The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, but if they always look tired, what does that say about us? Excess skin on the upper eyelid, under-eye bags, puffiness, or wrinkled pockets and hollows give us a gaunt, depressed appearance no matter how much sleep we’re getting. At The Lanfranchi Center, eyelid lifts, a.k.a.” blepharoplasty”, can restore our bright-eyed and well-rested appearance. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary* Upper Eyelid Lift The [...]

Facelift vs Non-Surgical Facelift

We all want to fight the fine lines and wrinkles or volume loss that make us appear tired, haggard, and older than our years. Now, with amazing advancements in the cosmetic enhancement industry, we do not have to endure the march of time. The plethora of choices of facial rejuvenation give us a host of weapons with which to fight back, but which one is right for you? View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary* Non-Surgical [...]

Facial Symmetry & Attractiveness

The face is an extraordinary thing. There are numerous features and characteristics that make up one’s face and the countless details that sets people apart from one another. Symmetry is a beautiful thing in general, but in American culture it seems to be held to an even higher standard. Facial symmetry suggests a relatively healthy childhood, free from diseases that could take a toll on the facial features causing subtle asymmetry, but facial symmetry has also become closely correlated with the attractiveness of a person’s face and [...]

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The Lanfranchi Center – Does a Facelift Leave Scars?

When facelifts are intended to improve a patient’s appearance, it stands to reason the idea of scarring might give people pause, particularly when the procedure is performed on the face. Luckily, Dr. Paul Lanfranchi specializes in only face and neck cosmetic treatments, and has a long, illustrious career spent perfecting his craft, including scarring outcomes. The TLC Lift™ and the TLC Premier Lift™ For many patients considering the TLC Lift™ or the TLC Premier Lift™, one of their greatest concerns is [...]

The Lanfranchi Center – What to Look For in the Best Neck Lift Surgeon

For any patient considering a cosmetic rejuvenation procedure, the choice of surgeon most directly affects the outcome, recovery period, and overall experience. You want someone compassionate, experienced, trustworthy, board certified in the specialty under which your procedure falls, and an expert in their field. These reasons are why patients from all over the world seek out Dr. Paul Lanfranchi for neck and facial rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Lanfranchi is the best in the Las Vegas Valley, and was just awarded Best Cosmetic Surgeon of 2019 in the Silver State [...]

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A Modern Trend: Celebrity Look-Alike Surgeries

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery highlighted a trend in their 2014 annual report that more patients are having plastic surgery in an attempt to emulate the looks of certain celebrities. With social media having a larger presence and influence more than ever before and technological advancements continually on the rise, ideas are at the tips of society’s fingertips with a simple search of a celebrity profile. The results are also more attainable to someone trying to achieve a celebrity doppelganger. In today’s media-driven [...]

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The Lanfranchi Center – Is a Facelift Painful?

For many patients considering a facelift, the pain of recovery is one of the greatest reasons they hesitate to book a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. That is why Dr. Paul Lanfranchi dedicates a significant amount of attention to easing the recovery process, which he has perfected during his long, illustrious career. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary* The TLC Lift™ and the TLC Premier Lift™ Our most renowned procedure, the TLC Lift™, focuses on [...]

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How Should You Sleep and Take Care of Your Skin After a Facelift?

Many patients at The Lanfranchi Center travel from all over the world to experience the care and talent of Dr. Paul Lanfranchi, but such travel comes with questions concerning post-operative care. If you’re local to the Las Vegas Valley or from another state or even country, we’re happy to give detailed instructions so you know you’re in good hands both before and after your facelift procedure. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary* After Your Facelift Whether [...]

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Does a Neck Lift Leave a Scar?

For quite a few people considering a neck lift, the potential for scars is a major drawback, particularly in an area where scarring would be noticeable. That is why, for Dr. Paul Lanfranchi, meticulous attention to detail is more than just a priority; it’s a specialty and discipline. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary* The TLC Lift™ Our most popular procedure, the TLC Lift™ concentrates on the lower face, jawline, jowls, and sagging of the skin of [...]

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5 Ways to Minimize Downtime from a Facelift

Elective cosmetic procedures such as the facelift can be scary. At The Lanfranchi Center, we hold your hand from consultation to your last post-op appointment to ensure you’re informed and ready to restore your youth and beauty as quickly and comfortably as possible. The more you know, the better prepared you can be for your TLC Lift™, TLC Premier Lift™, or even a revision facelift. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary* Techniques for Speedier Recovery Since every [...]

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How Long is Recovery from a Facelift Procedure?

A swift recovery from a facelift with exceptional results begins with a well-chosen facial cosmetic surgeon. This is why patients from all over the world have traveled to experience the superior talent, precision expertise, and exceptional care of Dr. Paul Lanfranchi at The Lanfranchi Center. Board-certified three times over in Facial Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology, and Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Lanfranchi brings the training and experience of over 10,000 cosmetic procedures to his patients, and it really does make all the difference. View More [...]

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What are the Benefits of a Facelift or Neck Lift Under Local Anesthesia?

For safety and innovation in the art of facial rejuvenation under local anesthetic, patients cannot go wrong with The Lanfranchi Center is Las Vegas. Dr. Paul Lanfranchi has perfected the use of local anesthetic with oral sedation since starting  his practice in 2006, bringing the experience of over 10,000 cosmetic procedures to his patients. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary* General Anesthesia Risks There is a reason all procedures, including our most recognized TLC Lift™, are performed [...]

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Which Procedures Can Be Combined with a Facelift?

Facial balance is widely considered to be the foundation of beauty. So when age and time take their toll on our facial structures with lowering brows and eyelids, mid-face volume loss, and a melting jawline, it robs us of our youthful, vigorous appearance. At The Lanfranchi Center, we specialize in facial and neck rejuvenation procedures, and we have many treatments at our disposal to help you regain the symmetry and balance in your beautiful face. The TLC Premier [...]

When Can I Return to Work After a Neck Lift?

Let’s face it, we’re all busy, and pausing our hectic schedules to care for ourselves frequently falls to the bottom of our to-do list. But self-care matters, and that includes boosting your appearance with The TLC Lift™.  At The Lanfranchi Center, we’re with you every step of the way, with innovative techniques and over a decade of experience to minimize downtime and discomfort, so you’re on your feet faster, with more confidence than ever. VIEW MORE PATIENT RESULTS *Individual Results May [...]

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Facelift or Neck Lift: Which Procedure is Best for Me?

After careful consideration, you’ve decided it’s time for a facial rejuvenation procedure. Perhaps your jaw isn’t as pronounced as it once was and you’ve got a worrying lack of skin tension in your neck. Or maybe your cheeks have lost volume, making you appear tired and stressed. Maybe under chin fullness leaves you feeling self-conscious and insecure. Now what? How do you know which procedures are the best treatment for you? Where do you even begin? At The Lanfranchi Center, we have over 25 years of combined experience [...]

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A Facelift Without Surgery: Is This Possible?

Many people interested in facial rejuvenation procedures are understandably tentative about undergoing surgery to achieve their aesthetic goals. At The Lanfranchi Center, patients need not be afraid to consider all their options regarding facelifts and neck lifts to achieve a younger, more vibrant appearance The TLC Lift™ While there are products on the market that can improve facial aesthetics, they’re temporary and frequently require multiple treatments to achieve initial goals, and annual maintenance treatments to sustain the results. At The Lanfranchi Center, Dr. Paul Lanfranchi offers [...]

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How to Maximize and Prepare For Your Facial Rejuvenation Experience

There’s still not a cure for the inevitable effects of aging that come with genetics, but plastic surgery fills this void by boosting confidence and emotional stability. When seeking out cosmetic surgery, one should make sure their efforts and results really pay off, since it involves an investment of money, recovery time and energy. Even minor procedures involve some sort of healing process for the body, which is why making sure good health is a top priority in the pre-operation stages. It’s highly recommended to reschedule an [...]

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Plastic Surgery; Is It Still Taboo For Men and How It Has Changed Over The Years

As the social perception of cosmetic procedures transformed into “maintenance work”, similar to that of working out or following a healthy diet, the taboo perception it once held continues to fade. Men feel more comfortable nowadays to express their own insecurities, and various procedures have allowed them to stay competitive in their careers and society in general by achieving youthful, clean, and fresh appearances. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary* One of the [...]

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How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost in 2019?

People don’t often think their neck is part of their aging problem. Most hone in on lines and wrinkles, or loss of volume in the cheeks. The neck, however, is one of those spots that shows age sooner, faster, and can have a significant effect on your appearance. At The Lanfranchi Center, faces and necks are Dr. Paul Lanfranchi’s specialty. The TLC Lift™ Dr. Lanfranchi’s meticulous attention to detail has made him one of the premier facial rejuvenation specialists [...]

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Can I Get A Facelift Under Local Anesthesia?

One of the biggest fears people encounter when considering a facial rejuvenation procedure is going under anesthesia. General anesthetic carries risks that some patients, particularly those with underlying health concerns, find too great. At The Lanfranchi Center, Dr. Paul Lanfranchi has perfected the combination of oral sedation and local anesthetic to perform cosmetic enhancement procedures safely without the use of general anesthesia. The Dangers of General Anesthesia Patients are put into a deep sleep with the use of injected [...]

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Upper Vs. Lower Eyelid Lift, What’s the Difference?

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then it stands to reason we want them to look the best they possibly can. Age brings with it stretched skin, weakening muscles in the eyelids, droopy upper eyelids, and bags underneath the eyes. The effect is often one of fatigue, puffiness, and a drawn, depressed appearance. These issues can even restrict your peripheral vision if severe enough. At The Lanfranchi Center, board certified and award winning physician, Dr. Paul Lanfranchi, specializes in restoring [...]

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Facial Fat Transfer Vs. Injectables: Which Treatment Is Best For Me?

Into our late 20s, we all have some amount of baby fat that rounds our faces and contributes to our youthful appearance. But as we get older, that fat succumbs to gravity or breaks down, leaving us with a hollowed out and unhealthy appearance. Dr. Paul Lanfranchi and Team TLC can restore that youthful volume and take years off your appearance in about an hour with Facial Fat Transfer treatment. What Is Facial Fat Transfer? VIEW MORE PATIENT PHOTOS [...]

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How Much Does a Facelift Cost in 2019?

For Dr. Paul Lanfranchi at The Lanfranchi Center, there is no one-size-fits-all facelift procedure. Every patient ages differently based on anatomy, habits, and lifestyle, and every patient has different goals for a facelift treatment. Dr. Lanfranchi is board certified and award winning, and has performed more than 10,000 procedures, making him the most experienced facial rejuvenation specialist in Las Vegas. A Customized Facelift for Every Patient *Individual Results May Vary View more patient photos The TLC PREMIER LIFT™ is The Lanfranchi [...]

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What is the Recovery Time for a Neck Lift?

Of all the signs of aging, a disappearing jawline, jowls, or “turkey neck” are some of the most common complaints for men and women. Loss of confidence in one’s profile can affect more than self-image, impacting social relationships, business opportunities, and even one’s overall lifestyle. As one of the nation’s leading head and neck surgeons, Board-certified physician Dr. Paul Lanfranchi is sought by locals and visitors alike to help them stave off the effects gravity has on the lower face and neck. *Individual [...]

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If you’re freaking out over the way you look because the holiday season is almost here, you can relax knowing that The Lanfranchi Center has got you covered. While we are renowned for our surgical results, we also offer a number of amazing minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment options. One of the best ways to make sure you look absolutely gorgeous this holiday season is to focus on your skin. Having good-looking skin does wonders for your overall appearance. At The Lanfranchi Center, we offer microneedling with PRP, [...]

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Everyone deserves to feels good about the way they look. Both men and women are concerned about the way they look, but a lot of men feel apprehensive about pursuing care for their aesthetic issues, because they feel like others will judge them. At The Lanfranchi Center, we want every man out there who wishes they could restore the youthful appearance of their face to know that our procedures are for them, too. In fact, roughly 25% patients that we have cared for over the past year have [...]

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Aging affects everybody differently. That means that some people may be dealing with multiple severe aesthetic issues at once. These people will likely need a facial-rejuvenation procedure that produces more comprehensive results than a traditional facelift provides. At The Lanfranchi Center, we offer a surgical facial-rejuvenation procedure that can provide the comprehensive rejuvenation you are in need of. Our TLC Premier Lift is a combination of three to six treatments that have been specifically chosen for their anti-aging abilities. Combining these procedures into one makes it more convenient [...]

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People tend to mainly think about the way their face looks from the front. While this angle is the most important, you should not neglect the way your profile looks. Having an unattractive profile can detract from the overall beauty of your appearance. One of the main facial features that contributes to the appearance of your profile is your chin. Think about the way your profile would look if you had a receding chin. Now, imagine how it would look if you had a chin that projected too [...]

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If you have done some research into skin-rejuvenation treatments for the face, you have probably already heard of microneedling. What you may not have heard of is an enhanced form of microneedling known as microchanneling. Microchanneling is almost the same procedure as microneedling, but the treatment also involves the use of high-grade active skin-care ingredients like skin lighteners, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and moisturizers. These ingredients are directly infused into the skin during microneedling treatments. You also still get the collagen-stimulating benefits of microneedling. [...]

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Are you considering undergoing blepharoplasty as a way to rejuvenate the youthful beauty of your eyes? Some people may think they only need an upper-eyelid lift in order to achieve their desired results, but only addressing the upper portion of the eye may not provide them with the full results they are looking for. In many cases, both the upper and lower eyelids are in need of surgical rejuvenation. If only the upper eyelids are addressed, the aesthetic issues with the lower eyelids may still give the [...]

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Is the texture of your skin not what you want it to be? There are a lot of factors that can diminish the texture of your skin. Aging and sun exposure are some of the most common factors and also the hardest to avoid. At The Lanfranchi Center, we understand how hard it is to keep your skin feeling smooth and soft. That is why we offer the amazing and highly effective fractional CO2 laser treatment. This outstanding treatment is one of the best facial-resurfacing treatments on the [...]

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Closeup of a young beautiful woman. Do you have too much fullness around your jawline and chin? Do you wish you had a more flattering facial profile? At The Lanfranchi Center, we can provide you with the aesthetic care you need. Neck liposculpting is a surgical procedure that can be performed to give your jawline and chin a more defined and attractive appearance. Neck liposculpting is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to significantly enhance the beauty of your profile. It can also be [...]

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Sagging brow skin does more than just make you look older. When the brow begins to sag and noticeable folds and lines start to form, it gives your face a constantly tired, angry, or frustrated appearance. This makes it difficult for others to know how you are feeling and hinders your ability to properly express yourself. The brow lift procedure focuses on lifting and tightening the brow skin and on adjusting the underlying facial muscles so that your brow has a smooth and youthful appearance. Once the [...]

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Are you struggling to maintain your self-esteem because of the noticeable acne scars on your face? Acne is already a difficult issue to treat, and having to worry about noticeable scars all around your face once your acne has cleared up can leave you feeling frustrated.At The Lanfranchi Center, we know how important smooth, clear, and healthy looking skin is to your overall appearance. We can reduce acne scars using our fractional CO2 laser treatment system. This amazing non-surgical treatment can restore the beautiful appearance of your skin, [...]

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close-ups portrait beauty girl on blue At The Lanfranchi Center, our goal is to provide you with the aesthetic care you need to look good and feel confident. Sometimes, the solution to these aesthetic issues is not surgical. Products like Botox are the perfect option for treating fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The treatment process is quick and pain-free, and it offers excellent results. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lanfranchi will personally evaluate the aesthetic condition of your face so that he can [...]

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Do you have puffy bags under your eyes? The cause of the problem is the accumulation of fat in the area, which means it is a difficult issue to treat all on your own. At The Lanfranchi Center, we can provide you with the surgical care you need to eliminate your undereye bags. The key to attaining beautiful results from lower-eyelid surgery is to not remove too much fat from the area. If too much is removed, the undereyes will have a sunken appearance. Facial plastic surgeon [...]

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  The facial fat transfer procedure is incredibly effective at reversing the effects of facial volume loss. The procedure involves harvesting your natural body fat and purifying it so that it can be safely injected into the face. The fat used for the procedure is harvested from an area of the body with an abundant amount of fat, like the thighs or the abdomen. The harvested fat will contain other body fluids, so it will need to be purified by placing it in a centrifuge. Once the fat [...]

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Are you unhappy with the size and shape of your chin? A lot of people are bothered by the small look of their chin, because it diminishes the beauty of their profile and gives their jawline a poorly defined appearance. If you want a sharper profile and a more distinguished jawline, we can provide you with the aesthetic enhancement you are looking for with a chin augmentation procedure. A silicone extended anatomic implant is placed in the chin through a small and well-hidden incision. The shape of [...]

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If you are considering receiving an upper-eyelid lift, one of the biggest concerns on your mind is probably how natural-looking your results will be. Because the procedure requires the use of incisions, a lot of people are worried that they will be left with noticeable post-surgical marks after they have fully healed. The key to achieving natural-looking results from upper-eyelid surgery is making precise incisions along the natural folds at the top of the upper eyelids. These natural folds are perfect for concealing any post-surgical marks. Extreme care [...]

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At The Lanfranchi Center, we aim to provide our patients with effective and long-lasting facial-rejuvenation procedures and treatments. Proper facial skin care is incredibly important. Your skin accounts for a majority of your appearance, so pigmentation issues, wrinkles, facial sagging, and patches of dry and damaged skin can have a major impact. TLC offers a wide variety of skin care treatments and products that can reduce the appearance of the signs of aging and rejuvenate your beautiful appearance. Treatments include wrinkled reduction with Botox and Xeomin, facial [...]

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One essential aspect of your appearance that you may not notice is the balance of your facial proportions. The size of areas like your nose, chin, mouth, and ears affects how the surrounding facial features are seen. For example, if you have a small chin, it can make your nose seem dominant because there is no balance between the two features. Balancing facial proportions can be a tricky task, but a skilled and artistic surgeon can accomplish it. When it comes to enhancing the appearance of the chin, [...]

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Summer is just days away, but there’s still time for you to take advantage of our Spring Selfie Special! As long as you contact The Lanfranchi Center and schedule your procedure by June 16th, you will receive a $2,000 discount on our TLC Lift. Our TLC Lift is a combination of a lower facelift and a neck lift. The procedure is customizable, so you have control over what your final results will look like. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lanfranchi will surgically correct sagging skin and loose facial [...]

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At The Lanfranchi Center, our goal is to provide our patients with customized procedures that satisfy their unique aesthetic goals. A testament to this is our TLC Premier Lift, a custom facelift procedure that combines multiple procedures to produce comprehensive, beautiful, and natural-looking results. The TLC Premiere Lift is a combination of the SMAS lower facelift and the neck lift. This will address the main aesthetic issues plaguing your appearance, like loose skin and excess pockets of fat. In addition to this, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lanfranchi [...]

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A lot of our patients ask if they will need to be driven home after their facelift procedure. A large portion of the procedures we offer at The Lanfranchi Center require that the patient be placed under some form of medication to relax them prior to the procedure. Because of this, we ask that you have a designated driver escort you to and from the center. Most patients will also require some medication to help with any pain or discomfort felt after the facelift procedure, which we will [...]

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SOCIAL MEDIA EFFECT ON PLASTIC SURGERY IS REAL.   LAS VEGAS, NV:  April 3, 2017- Today’s clients defer to social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat for inspiration of what they feel they should look like versus yesterday’s magazine cut outs or simply referencing a particular starlet, model or fashionista. Surgery trends have gone from discreet to the not so discreet (such as buttock injections). “The trend is always cyclical which is why choosing an elective surgery that is timeless and enhances your natural assets is always the [...]

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It can be difficult to treat a small but noticeable flaw in the skin without doing any damage to the surrounding tissue. In order to properly treat the issue, a very precise way to target the specific skin issue is required, along with a way to contain the treatment within that area. CO2 laser skin resurfacing has made precise and powerful skin rejuvenation gentle, quick, and easy. At The Lanfranchi Center for Facial Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation, we use the Lutronic eCO2 laser machine, which is widely considered [...]

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THE LANFRANCHI CENTER HELPS CANCER PATIENTS GET TO THEIR LIFE-SAVING APPOINTMENTS Thanks to the generosity of The Lanfranchi Center for Facial Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation and “TLC Lift For Life”, the American Cancer Society will ensure more cancer patients in Las Vegas get to their life-saving cancer treatments. Image #1- (Left to Right): Tammy Rambo and Josiah LaRow of the American Cancer Society; Dr. Paul Lanfranchi; Jennifer Campbell, American Cancer Society; and Ryan Medina (TLC Operations Manager). The Lanfranchi Center [...]

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Closeup of human hands massaging a young pretty woman's face Peels are an excellent non-invasive method of enhancing the health and appearance of the skin on your face. The VI Peel is one of the best options available on the market, and its unique and powerful formula can provide your skin with the essential care it needs to look radiant and healthy. The VI Peel is extremely effective at treating hyperpigmentation issues that many people suffer from. Melasma, a skin issue where brown or gray [...]

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Portrait of beautiful young woman with luxuriant healthy long hair At the Lanfranchi Center, we strive to offer high-quality facial-rejuvenation procedures that leave our patients looking more beautiful and feeling more confident. When the skin on your brow begins to sag, it can give your eyes a tired and heavy appearance. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lanfranchi offers a brow lift procedure that can help to restore the appeal of your brows. In order to restore the tight and smooth look of your brow, Dr. Lanfranchi [...]

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  Most people assume that plastic surgery procedures are catered towards women of various ages. In reality, 25% of cosmetic procedure recipients are men who are looking to rejuvenate or maintain their natural looks. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lanfranchi has treated countless men and knows the importance of providing a facelift that is catered for the male face and skin. The TLC facelift can rejuvenate your face while retaining its natural masculine features. The TLC facelift is a combination of a lower facelift and a neck lift. [...]

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A mini facelift is exactly what it sounds like: a scaled-down version of a traditional facelift that requires less work to produce excellent results. Because the mini facelift is a more specialized procedure, certain candidates will benefit more than others. A mini facelift is ideal for those between the ages of 45 and 55. Those above the age of 55 will typically have more noticeable signs of aging that require more significant work, making a traditional facelift or necklift the better option. A mini facelift is ideal for [...]

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Aging is a difficult process both physically and mentally. As your body’s skin ages, it starts to lose luster and elasticity, and fat deposits beneath the skin change and became smaller. These changes in skin composition lead to sagging skin. Unfortunately, some people have genetics that predispose them to early aging effects, meaning that you can end up looking older than you actually are. But with a customized TLC Facelift from board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lanfranchi, you don’t have to be subject to the whims of [...]

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What’s difference between getting a facelift and having one performed on your lower face and neck? If you’re looking for treatment specifically on sagging neck skin and jowls, you may not need to have a full facelift performed. Instead, you can enjoy the benefits of one of board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lanfranchi’s TLC facelifts. Plastic surgery should always be custom tailored to fit the individual needs of the clientele. That’s why Dr. Lanfranchi works closely with each patient to figure out the right course of treatment [...]

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The forehead lift, also known as the brow lift, can either raise the entire eyebrow or just the corners, reducing the appearance of a heavy brow. Individuals who undergo a brow lift procedure truly appreciate their more vibrant look after the treatment is complete. A brow lift is performed under local anesthesia, and patients may take a mild sedative to reduce anxiety if needed. Thin incisions are made in the hairline to elevate the brows, but the hairline remains unchanged unless specifically requested. Uneven brows can also be [...]

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FACELIFT VS. MINI-FACELIFT LAS VEGAS: I recently shared an article for talking about the different types of facelifts. I felt there was a need to describe the variations between a facelift, necklift, SMAS facelift, lower facelift, and mini-facelift Las Vegas. Please be sure to watch the video below after reading. Much of the understandable confusion comes from the fact that basically the same procedure (more or less) can go by many names. Certainly there are some minor differences as to how much one area is tightened [...]

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FACELIFT COST IN LAS VEGAS: Hello Everyone! I wanted to take a minute to share with you the special process we perform here at The Lanfranchi Center. I will also try to answer a common question that most patients have. How much does a facelift cost in Las Vegas? The answer is not an easy one since there are many factors that determine the final cost. Most practices charge a surgical, facility, and anesthesia fee. These can add up to a large expense. What I do want [...]

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LOCAL FACIAL PLASTIC SURGEON ANNOUNCES SOUTHERN NEVADA CHARITIES BENEFACTORS OF PLASTIC SURGERY DURING GRAND OPENING MEDIA EVENT, MARCH 8, 2016 IN HONOR OF INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Las Vegas, Nev. (March 10, 2016) – The Lanfranchi Center(TLC℠) for Facial Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation, a leading physician-run center dedicated to rejuvenating the face and neck in Southern Nevada, announced in honor of International Women’s Day, and during their first Media Event, the Southern Nevada charities chosen to benefit from donated facial cosmetic surgery procedures. This special occasion purposely coincided with International Women’s Day [...]

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Local Plastic Surgeon to Donate Facelifts TLC is proud to announce our first ever Media Event, which will take place the second week of March at The Lanfranchi Center! Our special occasion coincides with International Women’s Day, whose theme this year is creating awareness for gender parity. Women continue to contribute to social, economic, religious, cultural and political achievement worldwide and we have much to recognize and celebrate today. However, gender parity has slowed, or even stopped, in many parts of the world. In some countries, such as [...]

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*Facelift and Upper Eyelid Procedure Review* (Authentic copy of review from website) Best Thing I Ever Did for Myself!!! – Las Vegas, NV valeriehoward Worth It Cost: $8,985 Paul Lanfranchi, DO, FAOCO, Las Vegas, NV 14 Jan 2016 7 days post Procedures Performed – Facelift & Upper Blepharoplasty At 58 I realized that facial fillers were no longer working and that there were no fillers that worked on my neck. I hated every photo I was in and was shocked by how much older my neck was looking than [...]

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Lower Facelift and Necklift Review Lower Facelift Made Easy by a Superb Doctor and His Excellent Staff! – Las Vegas, NV Mommylite – Worth It! – Cost: $7,000 – $9,000; Paul Lanfranchi, DO, FAOCO, Las Vegas, NV About a year ago I started to notice I was looking… *25 Nov 2015 – 5 days post* About a year ago I started to notice I was looking a lot older than I felt. Mostly, what bothered me was the lower area of my face, which seemed to be drooping and [...]

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NECK LIFT, MINI-FACELIFT, AND FACELIFT RECOVERY TIME Hi there everybody! I wanted to take a moment or two to address a very common question that most patients have…”what will be my facelift recovery time, and does it depend on how many procedures I have performed at the same time?” Recovery time certainly varies based on the patient and the type of treatment selected. Minor procedures, such as an upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid lift) or chin augmentation can have a downtime of just 2-3 days. Other procedures such as [...]

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