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All of our procedures are safely performed under local anesthesia in the comfort and convenience of our Center.  Dr. Lanfranchi has served over 10,000 patients since 2006 using his specialized technique.

When Can I Return to Work After a Neck Lift?

Let’s face it, we’re all busy, and pausing our hectic schedules to care for ourselves frequently falls to the bottom of our to-do list. But self-care matters, and that includes boosting your appearance with The TLC Lift™.  At The Lanfranchi Center, we’re with you every step of the way, with innovative techniques and over a decade of experience to minimize downtime and discomfort, so you’re on your feet faster, with more confidence than ever.

Neck Lift Las Vegas

*Individual Results May Vary*

The TLC Lift™

Our most widely recognized procedure, The TLC Lift™, addresses sagging jowls, a melting jawline, skin laxity responsible for a “turkey or chicken neck,” under chin fullness, and muscle banding of the neck. The results are so impressive, you’ll be happy to show off your profile. You’re unique, and your TLC Lift™ should be, too, with customized procedure combinations that treat the entire neck and lower face. Surprisingly, additional procedures, such as a chin augmentation for a more balanced jawline, do not add recovery time to your procedure.

The TLC Lift™ is performed at The Lanfranchi Center under local anesthesia, which minimizes risk by avoiding general anesthesia or IV sedation. We also provide our patients with mild oral sedatives to ease nervousness and anxiety. Many of our past clients report that their procedure with us was easier than a dental procedure. Because your body doesn’t have to contend with deeper anesthesia, you spend less time in a recovery room following your TLC Lift™, which means less downtime for you, and a speedier return to work.

Downtime and Recovery

Recovery time varies by patient and procedure, and following our comprehensive pre- and post-op care instructions is important to avoid unnecessary setbacks. Everything we do from consultation to your final appointment is designed for your needs and personality, and we hold your hand the whole way so you’re back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Neck Lift Consultations Available

The TLC Lift™ averages a 5-10 day downtime, after which you’re able to return to work. Some patients who work a desk job return to work even faster, as early as 3 days after their procedure.

Why The Lanfranchi Center

Triple board certified in Facial Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology (ENT), and Head & Neck Surgery, Dr. Paul Lanfranchi specializes only in face and neck aesthetics, making him the authority in Las Vegas for facial rejuvenation and a leader in safety and innovation in the cosmetic industry. Every patient is one-of-a-kind, and we plan your treatment that way. There are no “cookie cutter” procedures at The Lanfranchi Center. This is why people travel from all over the country and world to reap the benefits of Dr. Lanfranchi’s talent and Team TLC’s care.

With a combined 25 years of experience in facial rejuvenation procedures, Team TLC has served over 10,000 patients at The Lanfranchi Center, establishing relationships with our patients for the most comprehensive cosmetic enhancement care there is. This genuine partnership with our patients makes us one of the most trusted facial rejuvenation clinics in the country.facial-rejuvenation-staff-las-vegas/

I’m 65 had lower face and neck lift.. Absolutely the best. TLC team awesome to. Kind.. Compassionate..Professional.. Procedure done in office under local. Recovery fast.. Love.. My new look..

Take The First Step – Request A Consultation

Ready to learn more about the TLC LIFTTM – NECK LIFT & LOWER FACELIFT? The first step is an in-person consultation with Dr. Lanfranchi. Please fill out the form on this page to request a consultation or call our office directly at (702) 929-3880 during normal business hours (please leave a message if we are unable to answer). The Lanfranchi Center serves the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV areas.

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