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All of our procedures are safely performed under local anesthesia in the comfort and convenience of our Center.  Dr. Lanfranchi has served over 10,000 patients since 2006 using his specialized technique.

How Long Does it Take to See Fractional CO2 Results?

Has your skin been looking a bit tired lately? Have you been feeling down because your skin is looking old and lacking radiance? If this is the case, all hope is not lost! There is an option available, and this is to be treated at The Lanfranchi Center with a Fractional CO2 laser. 

Fractional CO2 Laser Las Vegas
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What Does a Fractional CO2 Laser Treat?

A fractional CO2 laser can help to treat a number of different skin conditions. This helps to lower the signs of aging while enabling you to achieve a more radiant appearance. 

Some of the different conditions that this treatment can help with include lowering the appearance of fine lines, enhancing your complexion, and reversing any loss of skin tone you may have experienced. 

How Does a Fractional CO2 Laser Work?

A fractional CO2 laser is a type of semi-ablative laser that is used for facial rejuvenation. It works by getting rid of a portion of the epidermis, which is the thin outer layer of the skin. Underneath this layer, you have the dermis, which the laser will heat. The aim of doing this is so that collagen fiber growth is stimulated. The treated area will then appear a lot smoother and tighter once the epidermis begins the healing process and starts to regrow.  

How Long Until I See My Results from CO2 Laser?

It is vital to recognize that everyone is different, and so result times can differ from person to person. You can expect the laser to showcase results in anything from a few weeks up to six months. This really depends on the severity of the skin conditions you were experiencing. Needless to say, Dr. Lanfranchi will provide you with all of the aftercare instructions and advice you need.

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Benefits of Fractional Laser Resurfacing

There are many different benefits you can expect to experience from fractional laser resurfacing. This includes the following:

  • Minimal downtime from activities & exercise
  • Could possibly help with the treatment of precancerous skin lesions
  • Encourages collagen production for more youthful and firmer skin
  • Enhances the texture of your skin and ensures your skin tone is evened out
  • Lowers the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and damage from the sun

Am I a Candidate for Fractional CO2 Laser Treatments?

Of course, one thing you will want to know is whether or not you are going to be a candidate for fractional CO2 laser treatment. 

In some instances, you may not be a good candidate for this skin resurfacing treatment if you have very dark skin, excessive or sagging skin, active acne, or deep wrinkles. 

During your consultation, we will be able to determine whether or not this is going to be the right treatment for you. If we feel that this sort of treatment is not going to be beneficial, we will make recommendations to help you find something more suitable.

Stellar Service from Start to Finish

Two months ago I had a lower lifestyle facial lift. I was apprehensive, but it was well worth the effort and expense. Dr. Lanfranchi and his entire staff were kind, caring and very professional, from the first meeting to the follow up appointments.

The procedure is done under a local, not general anesthetic, and it was easy. I healed quickly and am very satisfied with the results.
His fee was very reasonable. Any further facial work I want done, I will be sure to come back here.

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Ready to learn more about laser skin resurfacing, including if you’re a good candidate for this procedure? 

The first step is an in-person consultation with Dr. Lanfranchi. Please fill out the form on this page to request a consultation or call our office directly at (702) 929-3880 during normal business hours (please leave a message if we are unable to answer). The Lanfranchi Center serves the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV areas.

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