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How a Chin Augmentation Can Change the Entire Facial Profile

Face shape and symmetry can affect how you and others perceive your appearance and overall level of attractiveness.  Many celebrities and influencers have been showing off their defined facial features as a symbol of beauty, youth, confidence, and strength. A simple chin augmentation can transform how you look and feel with a more contoured, synergized appearance.

Contouring The Facial Profile With a Quick Fix

A weak chin and jawline can make you look much heavier and older than you really are, as it results in a less defined facial appearance. As you begin to age, your jowls begin to sag, resulting in a droopy, tired look. These negative attributes can have a drastic effect on your personal, professional, and social life, taking a direct toll on your self-confidence. A simple chin augmentation can give you the refined appearance that you seek, making you appear more attractive, healthy, and strong. Not only can it balance out the forehead and nose, giving you a more symmetric facial structure, but it can also lengthen the appearance of the neck for those whose tip of the chin is closer to the beginning of the neck. This will result in a more youthful, lean, and chiseled overall appearance.

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Chin Augmentation Procedure

The Lanfranchi Center offers a natural-appearing chin augmentation solution for clients who want a more defined chin and overall facial profile. Often combined with the TLC Lift (lower facelift & neck lift), a chin augmentation will help add more angle and sharpness to your desired profile. It will also help to balance out any facial disproportions and harmonize the overall facial structure. A chin augmentation can be performed as a single procedure, or it can be combined with a lower facelift, neck lift, chin liposuction, and more. This cosmetic rejuvenation trend is becoming popular among patients as young as in their early 20’s. Chin augmentation is oftentimes an alternative to the traditional rhinoplasty, as it can balance out an undesirable nose

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*Individual Results May Vary*

After Care

It is important to keep your skin healthy before and after your chin augmentation. Results will last longer if you take proper care of your skin, including avoiding exposure to sunlight, refraining from smoking and drinking, as well as adhering to a proper medical-grade skincare regimen as instructed by your surgeon. Dedication and consistency will help you achieve your desired results and will only enhance the benefits of the procedure. The swelling will be minimal, and can easily be hidden behind a facial covering until it subdues. 

Patients of all ages who visit the Lanfranchi Center are always pleased with their chin augmentation results as it is a common solution to many facial concerns and disproportions. By creating a subtle aesthetic balance between one’s nose, lips, cheeks, and chin, this procedure is one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood. Schedule an in-person consultation to find out if chin augmentation is right for you.

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