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All of our procedures are safely performed under local anesthesia in the comfort and convenience of our Center.  Dr. Lanfranchi has served over 10,000 patients since 2006 using his specialized technique.

How Long is Recovery from a Mini Facelift?

For those who want to address sagging in the cheeks, jaw, and upper neck area, a mini facelift can lift, firm, and reduce the appearance of loose skin without the recovery time of a complete facelift. For many people, a mini facelift will correct most of the problems they have concerns with, letting them avoid or delay a facelift. While it cannot provide all the results of a facelift, the mini facelift makes an excellent alternative for people who do not want or need a full facelift. 

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How Does a Mini Facelift Work?

At the Lanfranchi Center, Dr. Lanfranchi performs the TLC Mini Lift, designed for your safety, quick recovery, and excellent results. To perform a mini facelift, your surgeon uses tiny incisions located in the creases of your ears and inside the hairline. The loose skin and tissue of the cheeks, neck, and jaws will be repositioned and lifted. 

How is a Mini Facelift Different from a Full Facelift?

A mini facelift targets the jaw, neck, and cheek area using tiny incisions. A facelift, however, requires longer incisions, although these remain hidden in the hairline and around the ears as much as possible.

A facelift may involve a number of different procedures. Each person’s needs are unique, and Dr. Lanfranchi respects every person’s need for a customized procedure tailored to their individual goals. 

One significant difference between the two procedures involves recovery time. Most people recover quickly from a mini facelift. Most people take several weeks to recover from a tradional full facelift and see more noticeable bruising and swelling. 

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What Are the Benefits of a Mini Facelift?

Mini facelifts have many benefits, including:

Local Anesthetic

Procedures carried out under local anesthetic have fewer risks and allow people to leave the office sooner after surgery than with a general anesthetic.

Quick Recovery Time

Most people return to work within a few days to a week. People see less swelling and bruising than with a full facelift and usually feel less discomfort. 

Addresses Early Signs of Aging

A mini facelift addresses many of the signs of early aging, addressing the areas where we tend to show aging early, such as the neck, jaw, and cheeks. Many people who came to their consultation prepared to talk about a facelift have learned that a mini-facelift can prolong the need for a facelift until years into the future. 

What is Recovery Like From a Mini Facelift?

Recovery from a mini facelift takes about a week, or two, although some people may feel up to resuming normal activities after a few days. Follow Dr. Lanfranchi’s instructions on how to take care of yourself during your recovery time to make sure your results remain looking good. 

Stellar Service from Start to Finish

Two months ago I had a lower lifestyle facial lift. I was apprehensive, but it was well worth the effort and expense. Dr. Lanfranchi and his entire staff were kind, caring and very professional, from the first meeting to the follow up appointments.

The procedure is done under a local, not general anesthetic, and it was easy. I healed quickly and am very satisfied with the results.
His fee was very reasonable. Any further facial work I want done, I will be sure to come back here.

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Want to learn more about a mini facelift? Please fill out the form on this page to request a consultation or call our office directly at (702) 766-9581 during regular business hours (please leave a message if we are unable to answer). 

The Lanfranchi Center serves the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV areas.

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