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All of our procedures are safely performed under local anesthesia in the comfort and convenience of our Center.  Dr. Lanfranchi has served over 10,000 patients since 2006 using his specialized technique.

What are the Benefits of a Brow Lift?

Many factors, including aging and genetics, can cause sagging skin around the brows and eye area. These heavy-looking brows can make people look older or more tired than they really are. A brow lift raises the brows and adjusts the skin around the outer brow and eye area to give people eyes that look wider, brighter, and more alert.

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How Does a Brow Lift Work?

Dr. Lanfranchi performs a brow lift under local anesthesia, significantly decreasing the risks that come with general anesthesia. You will not feel any discomfort. Dr. Lanfranchi hides the small incisions in your hairline so they will become invisible after the procedure. The procedure lifts the brows and area around the eyes to provide a more youthful appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles in the brow area also diminish as the skin becomes more lifted and smoother. 

Since a brow lift does not remove loose eyelid skin or reshape the eye area, some people choose to combine a brow lift with an upper eyelid lift and even a lower eyelid lift for complete eye area rejuvenation. The results of these combined procedures will magnify each other for tremendous eye area improvements. Even with only a brow lift, however, you can expect to see immediate improvements in your brow and eye area, including more lift, a more alert and younger appearance, and smooth lines and wrinkles in the brow area. 

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What are the Benefits of a Brow Lift?

You will see many benefits from a brow lift besides just raised eyebrows. With a brow lift from Dr. Lanfranchi, you can see the following benefits as well:

  • Eyebrows placed in improved positioning to the brow bone
  • Decreased lines and wrinkles. 
  • Reduces upper eye area weight eases the development of creases
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Compliments about how bright-eyed and well-rested you look
  • No more always looking tired or irritable

What is Recovery Like From a Brow Lift?

Most people return to regular activities within about a week after Dr. Lanfranchi removes the stitches. After the surgery, you may see swelling and bruising, which will decrease over the course of a week or so. You can resume wearing makeup after the stitches are removed, but treat your face gently and use only mild products on it during healing. 

Am I a Candidate for a Brow Lift?

Most people are good candidates for a brow lift. You should be in overall good health without any history of bleeding issues, and you should have reasonable expectations about the results of the procedure. A consultation with Dr. Lanfranchi should help to clarify precisely what a brow lift involves and what results you may expect to see afterward. 

After talking to several plastic surgeons and realizing I did not want to undergo the trauma of a full face lift, I happened upon Dr. Lanfranchi. Best thing I could have ever done! Not only was I able to do the whole procedure right there in his office, but at a fraction of the cost! My eyes came out beautiful and I also had a lower face/neck lift. Took years off me and i look fresh without looking like I had “work” done! He is truthful, patient and extremely skilled and I highly recommend him! His staff is wonderful too! Thank you for the care and the change to my eyes and neck! Dr. Lanfranchi is THE best!

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The Lanfranchi Center serves the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV areas.

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